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Intuitively designed with you in mind

Break the mold

Using a standardized email template or consumer workflow is just not our style. We would much prefer to completely customize our tech around you, making it insanely simple to use.

Even though we have off-the-shelf integrations, we ensure all of our tech fits your needs like a well-tailored suit. We pride ourselves on developing creative solutions for unusual issues so if you have a problem with no easy answer, try us!

Designed for the enterprise

Our platform was designed to specifically appeal to the needs of an enterprise. We monitor our systems around the clock to ensure our platform is always available and working at full function. Every component of our platform is fully redundant, meaning if one component breaks, another seamlessly steps in to take over.

We understand the red tape and tech risk which needs to be addressed in order to become a trusted partner in a financial firm and have done so with risk-tight corporations in the past. With all of the extensive security measures, checks, and audits we regularly maintain and perform, you can trust your campaign data will be safe.

Be our roadmap

In order to keep up with the fast-paced nature of the digital marketing industry, we are constantly innovating new tech to appeal to financial firms big and small. We do this by listening closely to our clients, determining their current and future difficulties, and developing the tech to address these issues in no time at all. We’re not dictating our own roadmap – we’re following yours wherever it takes us.

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