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Manage the event of the season, every season.

In an industry where relationships are paramount to your business, we understand how important the success of your corporate events are to your marketing strategy.

Over the years, our technology has quietly managed events for some of the largest financial service firms in the world and we have the process down to an exact science.

The strength of our tech coupled with integrated financial advisor and institutional websites, CRM platforms and mobile apps not only make the entire event planning process efficient and effective, but convenient as well.

We can help tweak your existing event strategy, or catapult you ahead of the industry if you are starting from scratch. After that, sit back, relax and let the technology do the rest.

Key features

Event Dashboard

The user-friendly dashboard allows you to manage hundreds of events with ease. Create and manage roadshows, seminars, conference calls and online events. Keep tabs on the event as a whole, including attendance status, upcoming sessions, over/under bookings and more.

Dynamic Emails and Forms

No more creating separate emails and forms for your events. Enter all of the event details in one place and let the creation tool work its magic. This wonderful piece of tech will dynamically populate session details, locations, speakers and, of course, the event branding. All of these details will seamlessly integrate into the dashboard so your clients can click straight from an email into a pre-populated form.

Full Event Cycle Scheduler

We know event planning, timing, sending, and set up can be a productivity and efficiency killer. With the help of the event scheduler, you can manage and set up invites, reminders, and follow ups as well as confirmations and status changes at the beginning of the planning process when you’re still fully focused on strategy.

List Management

The event management tool handles each individual’s RSVP status and sends them messages based on the rules set in the scheduler. You will be able to see the real-time status of a client for any event at any time. You can also ensure clients who attended events previously get VIP invites in the future.

Venue, Capacity, and Speaker Management

Ever been to an over-booked event and had to stand at the back of the room, or conversely sat in a huge, mostly empty conference room with only a handful of your peers?

Our solution allows you to automate capacity planning by setting registration to auto-close when capacity is met or allowing for a set percent of overbooking. In addition, you can send alerts to event planners when an event is near so they can take action and avert potential disaster.

Both your event speakers and venues are stored in a library with respective location, photos, titles, bios and capacity limits. This allows for easy reuse and upkeep in order to ensure consistency across all events.

iPad Check-In App

Now that we’ve optimized the pre-event experience, let’s talk about how we optimize the on-site client experience.

Event check in can be as simple as clients stating their name upon entering and marking them off the list via our event iOS app. And, if for whatever reason you are unable to connect to the internet while you are checking your guests in, the tool functions offline and syncs as soon as you are back online again in order to trigger any additional alerts you may have set up in the scheduler.

CE Certificate Generator

Although CE certifications are a big perk for attendees, they can sometimes present challenges around administration and lag in distribution, becoming a bit of a chore for the event team.

Fortunately, the solution is made simple with the StoneShot app by dynamically tying attendee information to custom designed, personalized CE PDF certificates. These can then be scheduled to send to attendees after an event as well as integrated straight into your website.


The icing on the cake. You can integrate StoneShot events seamlessly into your corporate website, secure client portal, mobile app, and, of course, your CRM. The added ability to filter contacts allows you to regionalize global events and segment audiences. You’re even able to see a list of the specific events an individual client has been invited to.

Digital Marketing Survey Reporting

As always, it starts with a plan. We have tirelessly analyzed over 5,700 events on criteria such as the optimal time of the day, sequence of invites, reminders, confirmations and follow ups, the day of the week, month of the year and even how far financial professionals are willing to travel.

Alongside this, we quiz/survey/grill financial professionals on what makes an event really tick—how, where and when they engage with digital content, and much more.

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