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Fund Document Distribution

The smarter way to distribute your latest fund documents

47% of advisors want to be updated as soon as a new version of the document is available where as 45% were happy with a monthly update

Human Error

Sending the incorrect or outdated document to the wrong person?

Lack of reporting

Engaging contacts but have no idea how or where they are engaging?

Time vacuum

Spending hours referencing sheets and dragging documents?

In the past, when it came to distributing fund documents to your diverse array of contacts there were two schools of thought. You could either email blast everyone, alienating a portion of your contact base and running a compliance risk or, you could roll up your sleeves and send the documents manually, eating up hours of your valuable time in the process.

Luckily the past is the past and those days of picking between a rock and a hard place have gone the way of the fax machine. Now, with a Dynamic Fund Document Distribution system, you can empower your contacts to choose for themselves which funds they are interested in and automatically send them real-time updates on those funds as soon as any changes are made, based on their scheduled preferences.

With all of the time and brain power you will save by automating your fund document distribution, you can finally breathe easy and relax, knowing your contacts are satisfied.

Document Library

Dewey and his puny decimal system have nothing on the powerful categorization algorithms running our fund document library. The library holds all of the fund files currently available and, through an RSS feed or XML file, automatically detects when your documents have changed and proceeds to email the updates to any contact who had expressed interest in the fund.

Document Preference Center

Once the document library is in place, we can build you a custom branded preference center along-side your email preference center, event registration forms, or any other form you may use, and embed it directly onto your website.

From there your contacts are able to select which documents they want to subscribe to, which funds they would like to follow and when they would like to receive updates. They can even choose the specific frequency at which they want to receive the documents.

Email Distribution

After your library and preference center are squared away, we begin to send contacts emails containing their preferred fund updates. If contacts have specified certain frequencies, all updates will roll up into a single email, otherwise they will distribute daily upon publication.

The DDS can also send confidential reports or attach documents directly, even if they are not published online.


It’s important to keep in mind that those whom have filled out the document preference form are already your most engaged contacts, so the more you find out about their preferences, the more effectively you can turn those engagements into investments.

The tags used on each document not only keep your campaigns organized, but also help to group the contact’s interests for more accurate targeting. And, like with all StoneShot services, everything about these reports can be customized to your exact specifications.

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