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Strategy and Planning

We are fully focused on our clients and ensure that each one has an entire team of skilled digital marketers and coders assigned to handle their every need. From campaign planning to implementing, executing, reporting and beyond, you will have the same dedicated team diligently working to make each of your marketing endeavors a success.

If you have a marketing program already, that’s brilliant. We can look at the mix of communications across your market commentary, product updates, event invitations and more to make sure you’ve got the right depth and breadth in your plan.

If you are starting from scratch or want a complete revamp, that’s amazing as well. We can guide you through the process and help you define a strategy, better understand the audiences you are trying to engage and build out a full marketing plan designed to maximize engagement.

Production and Execution

Now it’s time to roll our sleeves up and get coding. From emails to forms to microsites, we have you covered. Specialized? That’s our specialty.

Building an email in the StoneShot app

We can work with any existing templates you already use, enhancing them to match email best practices, or design a fresh look from scratch, matching your brand guidelines.

After getting fully up to speed on your processes, content and requirements, we can quickly build and deliver your templates—often in the same day!

Have templates you want to use again and again? We’ll design you an email builder with easy, intuitive layouts for each type of communication you’re sending.

Have a unique-use case that needs a separate website, such as a branded event? We will integrate your content, branding and, in some cases, dynamic content to bring your microsite to life both aesthetically and functionally.

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Reporting and Analysis

Of course you can get a suite of reports within the platform, but that’s just the start. Our data geeks will run numbers, sort through and pull out what’s relevant and actionable.

But what good is data if you can’t do anything with it? This is where our tech geeks come in (yeah, we have a lot of geeks). From a dashboard to an integration into your CRM or business information system, we’ll ensure that the information gets to the right people.

Finally, we will conduct account reviews on an ongoing basis to evaluate your statistics and refine your campaigns with data-driven recommendations. The account team will work with you to fully understand and optimize your digital strategy with frequent check-ins.

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