Digital Marketing Survey: Email Marketing

Learn what advisors want from email

The Digital Marketing Survey (DMS) comes straight from the source. Each year we ask hundreds of financial advisors across the US, UK, and France about their attitudes to email. For this report we surveyed 132 advisors on the emails they receive from fund providers.

Among the many thorny issues we attempted to get to the bottom of were how many emails advisors receive each week from providers (lots), when they read them (mornings) and how much the type of content influences when the emails are read (quite a lot).

But our research doesn’t just deal with the status quo. We also asked our advisors about what they’d like to see improved — how email can become more usable, more targeted and more relevant.

At the end of the report, you’ll see that we’ve included some ideas on how we, as the leading digital marketing agency to the financial services industry, can help fund groups get there.

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In this report we’ll cover:


The answer to the 64 million dollar question… how can emails be more effective and drive engagement?


The preferences of advisors on frequency, time and type of emails they choose to receive.


Our advice on how to deliver and optimize your email campaigns.